Shadrack Appiah

Recently, I had to have a new roof put on my house, I asked around for recommendation. A mason who worked on my building suggested ekumfifori roofing system to me, in fact immediately I contacted them, they came out on the same day, and in one week my roof was fixed. Ekumfofori delivers on time, would highly recommend this company to everyone in need.



As a REV. Minister of Presbyterian church of Ghana (Akim Oda-Emmanuel congregation) Many roofing companies had come to fix our roofing for us but upon through consultations/the church found out that, Ekumfifori is the best of all, per their nonstructural agreement and they also deliver without failing. It is the best and first roofing company every individual should consider.


They are detailed, honest, timely and fair, this is a great company and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a roofing company